Patriot Day / 9/11

Who can forget 9/11, our generation’s Pearl Harbor?  The world watched in horror as terrorists flew hijacked planes into the World Trade Center Towers, the Pentagon, and southwest Pennsylvania.  Thousands of innocent people died that day as time stood still.  There was an outpouring of unity and support that followed the attacks, even people from other countries stood by the shell-shocked United States.  Churches were also packed that following Sunday as people sought to find out why it all happened.  It is unfortunate that it takes such disasters to bring people together.  Soon afterward, the War on Terror would be declared, a war that we still fight today, a war who’s enemy hides among the everyday people.  The War on Terror is a war against a concept, not a country.  Only God knows what our grandchildren will read in their history textbooks.

Patriot Day is the day of prayer and remembrance for the lives that were lost during the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  This hits home for me; my uncle was supposed to be in New York City that morning, but had a sudden medical issue that kept him from entering the city.  His meeting was to be in a building that was only a block away from Ground Zero.  Patriot Day was almost the day of prayer and remembrance for my uncle, but instead it is a day of prayer and thankfulness.  Unfortunately, thousands of other families were not as lucky, so please stop and pray for them today, and be thankful that no matter how bleak life seems, God is ultimately in control.