Today’s Translation: The Voice Bible | Weekly Video: Enoch / Jude (Jude 1-25)

You have heard the stories many times, and the Spirit has enlightened you about their meaning, but you still need to be reminded. Remember when the Lord saved our ancestors from the land in Egypt? He breathed life into their earthen lungs and took back the life from those who did not believe. And God has kept the rebellious heavenly messengers bound and chained in utter darkness— shadowy gloom— until the time when His judgment arrives, because they failed to keep their rightful positions and abandoned their appointed realms. Sodom and Gomorrah and all their neighbors were defeated by their own sexual perversions as they pursued the strange and unnatural impulses of the flesh. Let these who went their own way and are experiencing the eternal heat of God’s vengeance— a punishment by fire— be a warning to you.” – Jude 5-7 (VOICE)

Live It Out!

The Bible contains real stories about real people who had real encounters with the Living God. Some of these encounters were not pleasant because of the effects of sin. We would be wise to learn from the mistakes made in history. It is easy to focus on the heroes of faith, but sometimes we can learn more about ourselves by looking at how sin can damage both the heart and culture. Heed the warnings of the Old Testament because the consequences of sin are real, and they do not lead us towards a better future.