Today’s Translation: Holman Christian Standard Bible | Weekly Video: The Beginning (Hebrews 11:1-7)

By faith Abel offered to God a better sacrifice than Cain did. By faith he was approved as a righteous man, because God approved his gifts, and even though he is dead, he still speaks through his faith.” – Hebrews 11:4 (HCSB)

Live It Out!

The impact of our faith is something that can outlast that of our physical lives. This life is short, so we need to make the most of it by honoring God through all we do. Abel did what was right in the eyes of God, and his own brother killed him for it. The story of Cain and Abel is still told today as an example of both faithfulness and jealousy. The decisions we make today could become the lessons taught to future generations. Let your legacy speak to your faith in the God of our fathers.