Six Thirty Saturday Nite (Enduring Faith) – December 31, 2016

Tonight we continued the #GodOfOurFathers campaign by looking at how Moses chose faith over the pleasures of the world. In this new year, let’s make a commitment to pursue faith, hope and love even as the world tells us it’s better to be divided. Only the love of Christ can break down the walls that Read more about Six Thirty Saturday Nite (Enduring Faith) – December 31, 2016[…]

We Are Family!

God is more than enough.  The world is quick to tell you how much or how little you are worth – especially today with things like Facebook and Twitter (number of friends, followers, likes, subscribers, retweets, mentions, etc.) – but we are all equally loved and valued by our Heavenly Father.  Galatians 3:28 says, “In Read more about We Are Family![…]

Expectations vs. Goals

As a student athlete growing up, my life was dominated by sayings like “Trojan Pride” (McDowell High School) and “The Pioneer Way” (Malone University).  Both schools have reputations for excellence in athletics (particularly in my sport, track & field).  Winning was not a goal, it was an expectation – our goal was to simply be Read more about Expectations vs. Goals[…]