Today’s Translation: Holman Christian Standard Bible | Weekly Video: Enoch / Jude (Jude 1-25)

Nevertheless, these dreamers likewise defile their flesh, reject authority, and blaspheme glorious ones. Yet Michael the archangel, when he was disputing with the Devil in a debate about Moses’ body, did not dare bring an abusive condemnation against him but said, “The Lord rebuke you!” But these people blaspheme anything they don’t understand. What they know by instinct like unreasoning animals— they destroy themselves with these things. Woe to them! For they have traveled in the way of Cain, have abandoned themselves to the error of Balaam for profit, and have perished in Korah’s rebellion. These are the ones who are like dangerous reefs at your love feasts. They feast with you, nurturing only themselves without fear. They are waterless clouds carried along by winds; trees in late autumn— fruitless, twice dead, pulled out by the roots; wild waves of the sea, foaming up their shameful deeds; wandering stars for whom the blackness of darkness is reserved forever!” – Jude 8-13 (HCSB)

Live It Out!

The way of Cain is a path where we allow our hearts to be consumed by bitterness, anger and utter disregard for other people. There will always be people, both inside and outside the Church, who will be concerned only of themselves. We must be on guard, but we must not condemn them. Our job is to love and extend the mercy shown to us on the cross. We must trust the Lord to rebuke their selfishness via the Holy Spirit. We are all exposed by our fruit, so let your fruit be love.