Today’s Translation: The Voice BibleWeekly Video: The Meek (Matthew 5:5 | Psalm 37)

“So turn from anger. Don’t rage, and don’t worry— these ways frame the doorway to evil. Besides, those who act from evil motives will be cut off from the land; but those who wait, hoping in the Eternal, will enjoy its riches. You’ll see . . . the wicked won’t know what hit them; you’ll blink, and they’ll be gone; you’ll go out looking for them, but you won’t find them. But the humble-hearted will inherit the land; they will take pleasure in its peace and enjoy its abundance.” – Psalm 37:8-11 (VOICE)

Live It Out!

The future belongs to the meek rather than to the wicked. As followers of Jesus, we are called to patiently pursue peace rather than fall into the pit of anger and rage. Jesus will come again, and there will be peace. Just as the ancient Israelites inherited the promised land, we get to share in the Christ’s heavenly inheritance. The meek, those who put God first and others second, will spend eternity resting in the presence of our Heavenly Father while the wicked and the worldly will find themselves stripped of their material wealth.