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Paradigm Shift Ministries

“Paradigm Shift” [n. par·a·digm shĭft] a change in approach or assumptions.

Paradigm Shift Ministries is church for people on the go. For over 120 years, we have been reaching people who are not currently being reached through traditional models of ministry. What began as a basketball outreach is now a global movement of youth and young adults who want to see their faith change the world for the better. Our goal is to reimagine and reignite the local church by empowering people to pray, grow and serve together both online and in the community.



Share prayer requests and testimonials via our online prayer board.



Follow our ministry blog or share your faith journey.



Serve your community and put your faith into action by joining a Street Team.



Worship with us live every Six Thirty Saturday Nite (6:30pm EST).

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